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Protecting Your Loved Ones With A Guardianship

There is no telling what tomorrow may bring. When illness or injury strikes, you or a loved one may become incapacitated and unable to make decisions about your care or your property. A guardianship is a way to ensure care for children or vulnerable adults. A guardian is appointed to act for individuals without legal capacity to act for themselves. If you need to act as guardian for a loved one, an attorney can help you establish a guardianship through the Texas courts.

At The Law Office of Andrew Dunham, PLLC, I help clients throughout Fort Bend County and surrounding areas protect their loved ones . Everyone’s situation is unique. I will discuss your needs and develop a strategy to best serve your interests.

What Kind Of Guardianship Do You Need?

When it comes to establishing guardianship, there are two primary types: a guardian of a person or a guardian of the estate. A guardian of a person is someone who will take on legal custody over a ward, either child or a vulnerable adult. This person would look after children or care for an adult who is disabled or injured and make medical decisions for them. A guardian is typically appointed for a ward if the parent or other guardian becomes incapacitated or passes on.

A guardian of the estate is a guardian who manages the assets of an estate if no power of attorney has been appointed. One of the most common situations for this type of guardian would be for a person who is not able to take care of themselves or has trouble making long-term decisions for their own benefit. Another example would be when a ward is too young to manage their own finances.

I can sit with you to weigh your options as to what kind of guardianship you may need and the legal steps you need to take through the courts. I can also help you prevent this situation from arising again by establishing the appropriate documents in or making revisions to your estate plan.

Make Your Choices Official

With proper planning, you can ensure that your wishes are followed, even if you are incapacitated. Let me help you protect your future by calling me today at 281-984-4826 or emailing me here to schedule your initial consultation.