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Navigating The Challenges Of Probate

Losing a loved one can take a considerable emotional toll on a person. Trying to manage your grief while also administering the decedent’s estate can often result in a prolonged delay of both efforts. Instead of bearing all of that burden on your own shoulders, let an experienced probate attorney help you.

At The Law Office of Andrew Dunham, PLLC, I offer my clients the guidance they need to get through the challenges of their unique probate case. I help people throughout Fort Bend County and surrounding areas with estate administration needs, and I am ready to help you.

What Is Probate?

After someone passes on, their estate enters the probate process, in which a Texas court will ensure the decedent’s will is accurately executed after proving the will in question is accurate.

As your probate attorney, I can act on your behalf to expedite this process, saving you weeks or months of effort to settle matters such as:

  • Closing bank and insurance accounts
  • Collecting any death benefits
  • Reporting the passing to interested parties
  • Canceling any utilities or other services
  • Getting an accurate valuation of the assets in the estate
  • Dispersing the inheritance to beneficiaries

I am proud to help my community through their deepest mourning periods in any way that I can, which is why I work diligently to resolve an estate in a timely and accurate manner. My goal as your probate attorney is to address the needs of your loved one’s estate with as few complications as possible.

Leave Your Probate Worries With Me

You should not have to worry about complex estate administration matters or how to avoid a lengthy and costly obligation. Instead, rely on my experience to take care of everything for you. Call my Sugar Land office at 281-984-4826 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.