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Client Testimonials

“The probate hearing for me and my family was a very scary ordeal. Andy lead us thru the whole process step by step and made this experience very easy. The services he provided were excellent as he handled all the necessary forms, etc. in a very professional way. He was always courteous as was available to answer any of our questions – fully and satisfactory. I would recommend Andy and his law firm to anyone.” – Ruby A.

“My wife and I manage many companies and parts of others. We’ve known for years the need for estate planning and a continuation plan for our construction company and other companies we manage. We also have the calling to establish Our Family Foundation. A non-profit organization formed to help others in need. Andy has handled all these needs fabulously. – Randy R.

“What can I say about Andy. I could go on and on about how professional and trustworthy Andy Dunham. But mostly I appreciate his commitment and sincerity. I first hired Andy when I needed a new Will after losing my ex-husband 2 years ago. Pretty cut and dry stuff until I needed him again when I tried to refinance my house. It turns out that my late husbands name was still on the deed and since we were divorced, I was no longer his executor (according to Texas Law). His portion was left in Trust to our minor children. Needless to say this opened up a can of worms and ended up in court numerous times for one reason or another. Bottom line, 2 years later Andy stood his ground and stuck it out with me until my refinancing was finally approved. I must say, Andy handled the setbacks far better than I did. With determination, perseverance and his peaceful mindset, Andy got the job done. Thank you Andy, from the bottom of my heart for hanging in there with me to the finish line and keeping me sane along the way.” – Lisa B.

“Andy prepared a detailed Estate Plan for us, which included Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians and Release of Medical Information, plus Durable Power of Attorney , Wills and Living Trust Documents for both of us. The preparation of very efficient, thorough and professional. Andy’s conduct was very professional and courteous. We would be happy to recommend Andy for any and all Estate Planning work.” – Mahendra D.

“(Full disclosure: I have known Mr. Dunham since we attended law school together. He is as diligent, and his work is as high in quality as when we were in school.) When my wife and I found out we were expecting child #2 in the latter half of last year, we started discussing estate planning. I knew that Andrew had recently left a small practice to start his own, and knew that one of his areas of expertise was trusts and wills, so I approached him about drafting our wills (while I am a lawyer, I won’t go further than doing our taxes. As the saying goes, only a fool keeps himself as a client). The process couldn’t have been easier. We gave us an initial questionnaire, then met with us to discuss it in more detail and to make sure that he clearly understood our wishes. Once we met, he then drafted the wills and met with us again to go over them and make sure everything was correct. Once confirmed we executed the wills. All told the process took about two weeks (and would have been faster had we not been so busy). Andrew was extremely responsive, and his work was timely and accurate. He was also very flexible when it came to scheduling, and was willing to go out of his way and meet on weekends just to make sure we were able to meet. Andrew was an excellent student when we were in school together, and is an excellent attorney now. I would not hesitate to recommend him.” – Nick H.

“We needed an attorney that would listen and understand our family needs for a package of necessity’s including Power of Attorney, Last Will’s, Statutory and Durable Powers of Attorney for our whole family. Mr. Dunham worked quickly while being responsive to concerns while making the required changes to prepare very professional, organized documents. Our family would and will use Mr. Dunham and his firm in the future as needs are required and would recommend his services.” — Tom B.

“I highly trust Andy Dunham and his professional expertise. He reviewed a contract for me and pointed out all the areas where I could negotiate for better terms. He is professional, personable, and he explains things in clear terms. I highly recommend him.” – Veronica W.

“Andrew Dunham has conducted several legal items for me. I found him to be not only to be very professional, but very trustworthy. Andrew has gone out of his way once in the past to make sure my legal transactions were completed. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities as a lawyer.” – Libby M.

“Andy is very responsive and professional. I appreciate that he was able to tailor his services to fit my needs, understanding the situation and the audience to which he was presenting.” – Charles P.