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Be Prepared!

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Firm News

Last year, my nephew earned the great honor of being named an Eagle Scout. As I attended his award ceremony, I thought about all the years of hard work by him, climbing through the ranks of scouting, all the while dedicated to the simple motto of the Boy Scouts — be prepared. Whether camping, hiking, or canoeing, a good Boy Scout always thinks ahead, planning for any contingency, however remote.

While most of us may never learn to tie a decent bowline knot, we do try to act like a Boy Scout in being prepared for the contingencies of life. For example, most of us spend thousands of dollars every year, year after year, on home and auto insurance. Why? It’s not because we need it every year. Fortunately, most years we don’t total our vehicles or have our houses burn down. Yet, we prepare for those disasters even though there is less than a 10% chance of them happening in a given year.

If we prepare for these things that have such a remote chance of happening — and we should — shouldn’t we also prepare for something that we absolutely know will happen? Yet, less than half of Americans have a proper estate plan to prepare for death or incapacity, even though having a qualified attorney prepare an estate plan usually costs only a fraction of what we pay every year for casualty insurance.

Don’t be a part of the unprepared majority! Contact a qualified attorney today to prepare your estate plan and provide your family peace of mind. I would love to meet with you today to discuss the next steps in providing you a customized estate plan so you can rest easy knowing that, like a good Boy Scout, you are prepared!